The Gibson would be made from higher quality materials and have better electronics.
And the tuners are not better, they are different
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The Gibson would be made from higher quality materials and have better electronics.

Pickups(P90's)=$200, and cheaper if you buy them used.
They are made out of the same materials... Is the quality good enough to warrant the extra $400 dollars?
Only a 600 difference?

That means its a pretty tops epiphone and a pretty shod Gibson.

They're not the same though (obviously). The gibson has p90s, while the epiphone has stock humbuckers. Suited to different music.

I'd go the epiphone, humbuckers are heavier than p90s, which are somewhat clearer. And the inlays look way more classier than those gibson dots
The name, they are made in the usa where Gibson has to pay the federal minimum wage as opposed to the pennies it pays the workers in asia, Better materials and workmanship...

But mostly the cost of the american worker...it wouldnt be so bad but we are importing everything and as such there is more money leaving the us then coming in and thats keeping the cost of american goods up.
1) The Gibson has P-90 pickups, the Epiphone has humbuckers. Which is better depends on your preference, though those P-90s are worth more money than those specific humbuckers.
2) The Gibson is made of higher grade (better quality) mahogany.
3) Different neck profile. All Epis (bar the Slash signature) use the same neck profile. Gibson typically give you a choice.
4) The Gibson is hand-made in America. The Epiphone is machine-made in Korea/China/Indonisa (depends on the model; I think this would would be a Korean-made model).
5) The Gibson has some binding.
6) The pots will be better in the Gibson.
7) The hardware will be a superior quality cast on the Gibson.
8) The tuners will be better on the Gibson.
9) The nut will be better on the Gibson.
10) The quality of the rosewood fretboard will be higher on the Gibson
11) The exact size of the fretwire will be slightly different, and the Gibson's will use a harder (better) metal.
12) You get the idea by now.

Also, that Epiphone is not worth it at all. You can get a regular G-400 for $100 less elsewhere, and the only difference is the pickguard size and the specific shade of red the guitar is finished in. So for that model, you're paying an extra $100 for a larger pickguard/lack of mounting rings, and a slightly different shade of red. I don't really see how it's worth it.