im making this song and im having trouble when switching tempos

like it starts slow and its sounds really cool,. but then i want to speed it up

please help, check out the guitar pro

i dunno wht to do,,, if maybe change to a different key ?
new song.zip
Changing key won't have anything to do with the speed, or the perceived speed. It sounds to me like it wants to hit the B5 chord, & also develop some kind of strong melody, then just pack more notes into the bass and drum parts. You can probably change the rhythms to sound a bit faster too.
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I have no idea what the key has to do with the tempo, but if you want it to go twice as fast just use semi quavers etc. But if you want to change it to a specific tempo fasts faster, click which bar you want the tempo to speed up and press F10 and the mix table will come up. You can select which tempo to change it too there.