Alreet, here's the deal. This is for anyone who works in retail, or hell the service industry in general. Share your stories, where you work, your worst customers, your idiot bosses.

Let's see, I work at a place call Meijer (think the Great Lakes region version of Wal-Mart) as a cashier, we switched to this E-Check system that reads the check number at the bottom of the check and then you hand it back. Bassically it doesn't matter what you write on the check, I don't pay attention, and infact I would prefer it if people didn't waste my time by filling that **** out...but whatever.

Well I was waiting on a guy in his mid 60's that seemed to realise that, he hands me a blank check, and wants it for $40.00, to make it easier to balance at the end of the month, which was a couple of dollars over the original amount. I explained to him that we had been having some problems with people writing their checks over, as it would just go into the system as the exact amount. He seemed to understand that. I run the check through, sure enough that was the case.

He does the usual silent, angry, I suddenly started speaking to him in a foreign toungue look. That was followed by the usual "SON OF A BITCH" that's right, he said it in ALL CAPS..."I'M NEVER SHOPPING HERE AGAIN!!!" I swallow my pride and apologize. He then tells me to shut the **** up, and starts calling me a "****ing idiot".

At this point I tell him to "get the fu...(I did stop myself)....just leave now". Well I am rarely taken serious when I kick people out...hmm...so he talks to the manager the exact same way as me. I haven't seen him there since, people like that have a tendency to "disapear" after being kicked out.

well, umm, share your wonderful retail/service industry stories.
A classic.
I work in a superstore and we have about 35 tills. There are the big tills for customers with large shopping amounts, and smaller ones (which we call basket tills) for people with about 10 items.
One Saturday night i was working them, and we were so busy. I was covering someone's break on a basket till and I was told not to wait for this person to come back and just go and take someone else off for their break.
I tell the next 3 ish customers I'll serve them but no one else. And then this guy, this absolute dickhead appears from nowhere and stands at the back of my queue. I tell him I can't serve him and he'll have to go to another till, but he ignores me and stands there. Adamant as I am, I told him once more I wouldn't serve him and continued on. When it came to his turn to be served I said once more, "I can't serve you, I really need to go", upon which he proclaimed "Do you want to change your mind considering I am a shareholder of this company"?
At which point I calmly stated to him that I myself am also a shareholder and no, I don't want to change my mind.
Then he has a tantrum right in front of me by throwing down this basket full of shopping, smashing most of the items inside and walks off to find my manager, who thankfully proceeds to show the fellow the door.

That was the best night ever
I hope it doesn't seem, like I'm young, foolish, and green.
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i just started working at london drugs.
so far its ok, aside from getting talked to about asking why we werent aloud water :|
That reminds me, BlackLuster, of the people who queue up after I clearly shut down my lane for a break or to go home. I will be standing there tidying up my lane, with my light off, a candy rack on wheels blocking my lane, a "Sorry This Lane Is Closed" sign in the front, a freshly dug moat with sharks swimming, armed gaurds...etc. all giving them that not so subtle cue that I'm not open.

They still dodge all that **** pretending not to see it, and get pissy when I tell them I'm not open. But not even that bothers be, by itself, but no, I have had to tell 5 people I was closed after....AFTER...I had waited on my last customer.

Isn't life a bitch when you work in retail
I hope it doesn't seem, like I'm young, foolish, and green.
Let me in for a minute, you're not my life but I want you in it

O Dayya, te echaré de menos, siempre

Y siempre
Y para siempre
I work mornings (early mornings) in a paper shop, as in behind counter, serving customers, sorting out the paper boys (and singular girl, equal opportunities etc...) etc. Two stories which may (or may not) be of any humorous content; firstly, there was one paper boy who was, to put it politely, overweight, annoying and lazy. Me and my mate, who works the days I don't in the shop, fired him for basically being a completely useless paper boy, taking twenty minutes to haul ass from the shop to the end of the street.

The other tale is of one particularly grumpy woman who gets a paper delivered seven days a week. She would normal read The Times (quality broadsheet, my favourite coincidentally) and is an avid and dedicated fan. One day, of literally a year that I have been working there I must have accidentally misread the list from which I make up the paper runs, and given her a Daily Mail (a fairly poor tabloid, by no means the worst, but somewhat sensationalist and racist). An hour after I unwittingly made this error she comes hurtling down the road in her blue granny car, storms over the road into the shop, up to the counter, slams aforementioned Daily Mail down on the counter, scaring the hell out of me, and proclaims 'If i ever receive this rag again you'll gain no more custom from me!'. She then grabbed her Times off the shelf and left in a huff. The four folk, me included, then just burst out laughing for a good five minutes.

I fear that will be something of a wall of text, but I guess in a story thread it's acceptable.
So I dropped my first "f" bomb that was directed at a customer. I was running the self check-out lanes. I was watching over 10 lanes, and it was getting rather busy, so I'm running from lane to lane because people don't have any idea what to do when the robot prompts them to return an item on the bagging area. I walk over to this lady, who just gives me the "I can't figure this out because I'm a ****ing idiot, but I'll blame it on you" look.

She tells me she had called for me 3 times, I didn't hear her, and she didn't bother to press the "Help" button that is on the screen that will inform me of a problem on a particular lane via an annoying buzz at my station. I apologize and try to explain the situation. That doesn't suffice however for her. She was the type that wasn't completely horrible, but she was the typical woman though, didn't know when to shut her mouth (oh I went there).

I finally have enough, and in my passive aggresive way I say to her "yeah, sorry we're all ****ing retarded here." I say it in a tone that can be taken as a joke, just to be safe. She wanted me to void off six items that she had on the scanner area....and wanted me to count them, because I guess she didn't trust my intelligence enough to be able to void off the items I saw there.

Of course I count them in an exaggerated slow/stupid manner. Of course I had to void them off one by one, because of course there is no way for us to press the void button once and void off 6 random items. She I guess didn't understand this and kept talking, so I just kinda left as if I voided them all.
I work a grocery store in northeast U.S. One time I had a woman that took a bite of her danish before she paid for it... then said it was stale and tried to return it.

Also, another woman walked off with her items without paying because she was pissed that our store was out of dried soybeans.
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