I've read most everything I could find about it, but I was wondering if anyone had a picture of it or something. From what I hear, there is a picture of it in the May 2006 Guitar World, So does anyone have a picture, or whatever?
I believe he currently uses the Randall mts amps with some combination of modules.
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I know he used a 5150 in the past, don't know if he still does.
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He has his own signature amp and guitar now. The amp is a Randall and the guitar is an ESP.
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Amott was endorsed by Krank Amps but has now switched over to Randall and is currently working on his own signature V2 model. He is also endorsed by ESP Guitars, and has his own signature series with the latter. His guitars are built in the ESP Custom Shop in Tokyo, Japan. He has Seymour Duncan humbucker pick-ups: the JB in the bridge and the '59 in the neck position. While in Carcass, he used EMG pickups. In 2006 Michael's signature ESP-Ninja guitar became a member of the ESP-USA signature series family, with a LTD model, the Ninja-600 also becoming available and his ninja has been released in white on Musikmesse 2007. Before using Krank amplifiers, he was a user of the Peavey 5150, and during his time in Carcass used Marshall amps and Ibanez guitars.

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* BOSS "TU-2" Chromatic Tuner
* Rackmounted custom Wah with two remotes on stage
* Rocktron "Hush - The Pedal" (Noise Gate)
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* Providence PEC-2 Routing System
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