hey guys
i own a valvetronix which has all the chorus/rev and that, so it didnt occur to me that i needed a pedal
anyways would it give me a better tone?
and whats a good pedal for metal? like for badass metallica, sabbathy riffs
budget is around 90 -150 AUS. thxx
Id say get the dunlop Double shot dist. but im not sure about the price.. really versitale pedal
MI Audio Crunch Box would be a safe bet, I'm sure you can pick them up for a decent price.
i also have a valvetronix. you CANNOT use pedals without it sounding like utter crap. its a digital amp, so you cant stack distortions on it without hiss, buzz, and mettalic tone thats TERRIBLE. believe me, ive tried. youd be better off saving for a new amp or a wah pedal or something.
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haha thanks for the heads up! better off saving for a jcm half stack then get the pedals aye
You should be able to get an ok metallica or sabbath distortion out of the valvetronix on its own.
And yeah, pedals sound awful through those amps. Really dead and lifeless.
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If you want a really sweet metal pedal, get yourself an Electro Harmonix Metal Muff. Its pretty versatile too. My other pedals are getting neglected since I got that one, its just too much fun to play on. I like it wayyy better than my old Metal Zone or Metal Master.
Agh. I definitely stand by what most other people have said in this thread. Putting pedals through a digital amp is a bad idea, as the pedal seriously does no justice to your tone.

Just save for a tube amp, and then spend away.
Metal Muff all the way, shouldn't sound all that bad on the Valvetronix's clean presets like "Tweed" or "Boutique Clean"
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boss metal zone is always a popular choice

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don't get the metal zone
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You don't need much in my opinion.

Some of u might laugh at me, but the DS-1 by boss is pretty bad ass.

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