What are some good suggestions for helping someone stretch their fingers out. right now I have a hard time keeping my pinky and 3rd ginger down if I have my fingers spread thought the first 4 frets.

It seems like this is impossible. Basically when I go to use my index finger I have to completely lift these up in the air and I know I'm actualluy practicing bad habits.

Will it just come with time and practice or do I have to force myself somehow to do i right now?

download a song called

'Message in a bottle' by the Police

get the tab and practice it, it has an awkward stretching of fingers- good luck
i have a exersize it migth not b helpful but i use to do it.... and not i can strech

first chose which fingers you want to strech first or think will need the most work thenspred them as far as they can go and push down on your leg till you fell a strech...
do this to all fingers you need to strech

if you need any mor help tell me and ill explain btter
and post fotos
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