Ok, well this is another song I've written, it sounds pretty dark and folky... lots of Am chords!
All crits welcome, i really want to know as I'm only just starting to write songs, i have a lot to learn!!

I am the the sour reminder of the things you never did
You are the sweet reminder of the life I never lived.
I look up at you and you look down at me
It's a different view but the same things that we see.

In the morning, shield your eyes from that glowing sun
thats creeping in and shining on everything
In the evening, take that dark that surrounds my mind
and makes me blind to everything we can't see

everything we can't see...

Think of a face that you will never really see again
Or, of an acquaintance who will never really be a friend
Walk these empty streets and you're never quite alone
While these faceless figures shuffle back on home

look in the mirror and see a stranger looking back
draw a picture and find the paper's already black
see my face and see your own in my coloured eyes
live a lonely life just to figure out these lies

figure out these lies...
I really like the lyrics. If I had one suggestion it would be to remove the word "on" from this line in v2 "While these faceless figures shuffle back on home".