I currently own a PV Classic 30 and a Mesa Tremoverb. Got both of these back in the 90's. They are both pretty cool. That said, its 2008 so occassionally I like to look around to see what the market has to offer. In this case I am interested in a small tube amp for jamming with some people on a weekly basis. Of course the tone should be there.

I know - I got a Classic 30, what more do I need? Suffice to say my journey is eternal. On a serious note - weight counts. I'm lugging a Gibson Les Paul Standard. The Classic 30 is not too heavy but is not too light. Anyone who has experience with a Tremoverb knows you can throw your back out with that thing. Its more like a half stack.

I've been looking at Marshalls and Mesas. Seems like not too many people are giving those amps 10 ratings for the type of amp I am looking for. The express line of Mesa does not seem to make some people happy. Others seem disillusioned with the small Marshalls (e.g. DSL 401).

Type of music?
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Try a Mesa Rocket Series (Reverb Rocket, Subway Rocket, etc). Those were made to have the Mesa tone, but to be taken back and forth to practice and on "subways", as the name implies.

They don't make then anymore, but you can get good used ones off ebay for a few hundred dollars.
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The Express line might be okay for you. They get slagged for a) not being a dual recto and b) replacing the higher-gain F-series of amps, to which the Express is always compared.

I really like it for its versatility and range of tones: cleans, blues and hard rock/old school metal. It has enough gain to do the music you suggest. I also like how portable it is. With its 5/25 watt switch it is ideal for switching between basement play and friendly jams.

Try with your own ears ...