For my first bass, got a Ashdown Perfect Ten already, so I just need a bass. 5stringed preffered...
Its second hand, mint condition, 2-3months old.

My alternative would be a Schecter Stiletto Extreme 5 for the same price.

What to do?
Fast replies please, since I fear competition on my craiglist :P
If you like the skinny neck, lightness of the instrument and the tight string spacing. That's isn't really a bargain price if it's used by the way - new they're only £370 (499 Euro)

I don't usually recommend starting with a 5, by the way. Most people would agree it's better to get your skills down on a 4 before moving to a 5.
I love a skinny neck, since my RG has one as well
I dont mind about weight...

Havent been able to find it for less that 450£ in denmark =/

I shouldnt have the biggest problems, been playing 7string guitars, and I really need the extended range
The srx590 is certainly really quite good so I'd recommend getting one, there won't be much difference with the 595 except for the extra string. £290 seems like quite a reasonable price to me, as long as its in good to mint condition.
Its a solid bass and it's a decent price by most standards. I've been looking at that bass as an 5 string possibility. I found the spacing a bit too tight on the fretboard, but that's just me. Otherwise it was quite a nice bass.
Just got it, and I must say, its absolutely amazing!

Ill have some pics up in a bit