Hi all, just thought I'd introduce myself, I love Guitar!

I have a quick question. Where can I access my profile? Oh and andrewpledger redirecteed me here, I think he should be given some appreciation for that!
I am a Guitar Addict!
Hi...you can get to your profile in the top right hand corner section labeled "My Profile" in orange
You are the best! Thank you so much! You're nearly as great as my pal andrewpledger.
I am a Guitar Addict!
Regression: no problem, im very pleased to be here - my friend andrewpledger redirected me as a matter of fact.
I am a Guitar Addict!
Cheers, I get the impression some people dont like me here.

even andrewpledger is being mean.
I am a Guitar Addict!
Hmm, check the begginers forum thing, read forum rules etc. If you follow them people should like you.
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Who the hell is andrewpledger?

The guy who got him on this website.