Calling the computer dudes, i have wireless internet and i bridged it with my xbox conenction so i could connect to xbox live without having to pay £60 for one of they wireless adapters now it all seems to work fine but..........ive noticed that my wireless conenction now shows 'Connected with limited access' instead of just 'connected'. What dowes it mean, what are the effects/limitations going to be? I have noticed a few more timeouts and disconnectds but dont know if they are related.

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I'm not sure exactly, but from experience, it means "connected, but only locally. No internetz 4 u!"

But apparently I'm wrong.
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It means buy a wireless adapter, when on xbox live it's supposed to be the only thing on the connection, anyway
I'm in the same situation... but my internet is only being used on one device... ???

Everything loads soooooooo slowly... Some pages don't even load. Youtube videos usually take atleast 10 minutes to load now, when they used to load in like 30 seconds lol.

So any way to fix this?