I'm looking for a good practice amp, and just to let you know, I'd be willing to go up to 3000kr, which is about 450 of your crazy american dollars.

These are the sites for the stores that I have access to:

http://www.musikborsen.se/ - this is a strange site, which doesn't change it's url when you click links, so on the left side, you click "gitarr" then "Förstärkare" then click on the icon that says "visa bilder"

I tried out the vox valvatronix 30vt, but it honestly didn't sound metal enough for me, or maybe I was just doing it wrong, but honestly, I don't want to try out every single amp in all of those stores lest they get tired of me hanging around all day =(
i dont think there is many good metal practice amps to be honest, sorry for the useless post
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one piece of advice i can give you.....definately get a tube amp........if i were you i'd wait till you get more money and buy a used peavey 5150 II.....
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well, I live in sweden now, but I have only just moved here from England

I think Line 6 spider III has a kickass sound!

Good for metal!
And btw, Sweden kicksass ;P you're not alone ^^
The Vox Valvetronix are actually very nice amps once you learn how to turn off the effects that are alway on the presets. It can do a wide range of tones and I would say that it can go into metal territory.
Go with either a Vox Valvetronix or a Roland Cube series for practice. I hear the Roland Cube is aimed more at metal than the Vox.

You could also try and find a used 5150 Combo on eBay, or look for a Randall RG50TC combo, although those might be out of your price range - but perhaps worth saving for.
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For 3000 SEK you could get the Peavey VK Royal 8, musikborsen has those for 1695, you could even throw in some extras then
mm, I tried out the valbee, it was quite nice, had some good distorrtion

and everyone seems to be reccomending the roland cube, so I think that I miiiight go with that.