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some how i convinced my parents to buy me a 75watt line 6 spider for $600 (AUD)
and it wasnt for my birthday or next christmas either. i got em to buy me it cos i got this real **** amp and ive been getting a few band invites nd my dads been tellin me to play with more people so i told him i cant cos i got a **** amp. but i was wondering whats your most expensive piece of gear for free?
So you had a really **** amp .... Then went and bought another one?

On topic, my amp i guess if you count parents paying for it.
A guy once gave me a pick for free.
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well, my dad bought me a bogner uberschall for my b day.
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I found a pick on the ground! it sucked but I used it! then I found out if you buy stuff you can get what you want... so nothing free after that
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pick :P
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umm, my whole rig, except for my RPx400
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i used to do construction and demoliton, we were re-modeling this house that had been foreclosed on (the guy who bought it was flipping it) he told us to just chuck everything that was in the house (previouse owners had moved and left it a HUGE mess), if we wanted any of it we could keep it. while didgging through the trash in a bedroom i found a hardcase that had a REALLY nice epiphone les paul custom in it. i don't know WHO would move and leave that, but finders keepers!!!!!
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My parents bought me 500€ of guitar equipment (like my guitar) And it wasn't christmas or birthday (well, I didn't get a birthday present that year...)
I received an original Mark Tremonti Wah from him himself. It was one he had used on their most recent Alter Bridge tour. He even signed it for me. He said it didn't sound like his others so he didn't want to use it. I took it home and it works and sounds just fine for me!
all of my gear has beenbought for me only costed about 250 quid ps,my space key isn't workingverywell

edit: that was bday and christmases over the last 2 years

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i love that amp!!! how much did it cost him?

$2500 used, but it was customized with the tan Shiva grille. He bought it for me after I filmed a commercial in Texas and played some shows around the country. I'm not spoiled though, I thank him for it all the time . It's a freaking beautiful amp, and I just saved up enough money to get a NICE cabinet, not my peavy one. It's nice but it has the heavy metal look instead of the tan vintage look.
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my mentor once gave me:5 picks,a pack of strings and a instrument cable
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skid row ampeg bass amp 8x10 from tour from rudy sarzo
carvin dc125 from doug marks

worked at GC Hollywood for 15 years knew lots of stars so i did good deals and was rewarded with a lot of tickets and some times gear
1973 Fender super Reverb - 3 hours fixing a computer.

Ibanez SD 9 Sonic Distortion pedal - drummer loaned a guy some money, never got paid back and kept it, he didn't need it, he's a drummer, so he gave it to me.

1970's Wurlitzer Electronic piano - my father had it in the shed out back for years and gave it to me.

1945-47 Electromuse lap steel - my best friend collects antiques and was showing me some of her and her fathers accumulated trinkets, I spotted a lap steel lying on top of a stack of boxes, she gave it to me.

Tascam Portastudio 414 multitrack - friend gave it to me for a few hours helping assemble a metal building.

Not all exactly free, but a few hours of my time was certainly worth the Super Reverb, which sells for $1200 and up in good condition, $1500 or so in the condition mine is in, it was kept in a closet with a cover on it for over 20 years.
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My Blackheart amp was a christmas present, but that's it.
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My PRS and Mesa/Boogie were both given to me. So that's about $3,400 worth of stuff.
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My 5150... a relative died, and I inherited like 1500$ so I ordered the amp right away
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-My C-1 Classic was a gift
-My first guitar (a Fernandez acoustic) I inherited from my brother

That's about $700 worth
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. . umm, my DS-1 was technically free as I didn't pay for it. The MG my dad was suckered into buying (£300) was his money (sold to get my Laney about a year ago, he only just found out, whoops )
a 1964 harmony rocket h59 3 pickup model. i inherited it
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well, my dad bought me a bogner uberschall for my b day.

Your dad is a generous, generous man lol.
I got an Orange Rocker 30 for my birthday, totally unexpected, that was great.
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I got a practice bass amp (Peavey 126) for free. That itself isn't the neat thing though. I got it when I got my bass, so it was part of the deal (normal price $70, discounted to $50, then dealt with them till I got it for free). Got it home, decided I wanted a little more and brought the amp back to trade for another one. They gave me the full $70 price off another amp, which they also discounted another $20 off. So I paid $60 for a $150 amp, new.
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I was given a Yamaha SJ 220 by my uncle... dunno how much it's worth, maybe someone can tell me
Nothing for free although I did manage to get my EMG81 for £35 (including professional fitting) and an MXR Noise Gate for £60 (£100 quidd cheaper), both brand new muhahaha.
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I mean I get **** for christmas and stuff every now and then, but thats about it. I bought my guitar and my amp myself which in all honesty makes me love my guitar that much more, haha
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I bought a pair of Seymour Duncan pickups online. The guy on ebay that I bought it from couldn't spell, so I ended up being the only person bidding on the item (I search for mis-spelled items all the time...). I got two for less than the price of one.

Sold the first one, and kept the second one. I actually made a profit AND got a free pickup.
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