I've got a JCM 800 2205 head and a tubescreamer, however i sometimes feel as there's not enough gain to get that smooth gainy shred tone that i seek, so i therefore wonder, what kind of pedal/equipment would take me further into highgain territory? Yes im fully aware the JCM 800 is a crunchy amp, yet still i seek that little extra gain.
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Never heard of, is it available in europe, and if not are there any alternatives? Cheers
Well, maybe an EQ pedal of some sort? Since you said you wanted more gain, but mostly smoother gain, maybe an EQ pedal would be good?
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Yeah, well that and i feel the 2205 is lacking in the sustainpart, i'd like my notes to ring out better, since im bit of a beginner when it comes to guitar tech i thought i'd ask
Sell it and buy an Engl or a peavey or something along those lines?

Or buy an OD pedal like a Maxon 808 or even a Boss OD would probably help dude.
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I've already got a tubescreamer (TS9), does the boss OD's give more gain?
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I've already got a tubescreamer (TS9), does the boss OD's give more gain?

try a metal muff...i have a 2203 and it works for me
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Crank the volume.
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Get a compressor pedal.
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hmmm go to eurotubes.com and order the hi gain tube package...it'll push it up just a bit more

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Get it modded. David Bray and Voodoo amps are the two that come to mind
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Im in sweden, but we do have a really cool guy that does a class A 4 chanel mod for the JCM 800, in fact he built the amplifiers Europe used on The Final Countdown and Out of this World
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