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That's a playlist I've uploaded of my band's entire set from a gig last week, except for our only cover (moondance) because I had that removed due to copyright infringement when I did a solo version.

Just looking for some opinions and suggestions about anything and everything!
We're well aware that we don't visibly get into it much but we just can't seem to change. What should we do?

Anyway, let me know what you guys think. (I'm the guitarist obviously)
the music sounds really good.
As for stage presence, it is all in the legs. You can dance with them, jump with them, powerstance with them, run with them, circle kick with them, hell, walk with them. The one thing you don't do is have them straight side by side and stationary. It sounded sweet, you just need the visuals to match. Part of it is early stage fright, but it happens to the best of us.
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id say the same thing, move a little. Its not the style of music to be jumpin around and **** but moving a little is important.
aside from the stage presence, any other way we could improve?

Any guitar effects for solos maybe?
Quote by Tomaz24
aside from the stage presence, any other way we could improve?

Any guitar effects for solos maybe?

depending on the audience, if its an older audience you can just make your guitar cry with a shed loada of Wah and they will love it, dont know why but they do
The music was actually decent. However the crowd size is pathetic. I consider this background music, but you can still have fun with it by interacting more.
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Try and take your eyes off your guitar once in a while. You seem to be acting as if the audience isn't there.

Edit: The music's awesome though, have you ever listened to Time Lapse Consortium? You've got a similar style to them.

Also, in Fred's Attic, during the bass solo you could have joined in with the clapping at least

Edit2: i don't think any effects are needed for your solos, gives it a nice jazzy feel
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