I'm wanting to buy a distortion pedal; i'm wanting a distortion comparable to Bullet for my Valentine, Trivium, Children of Bodom etc. that kind of stuff.

What are my options.

Prices won't really matter, but make sure it's not THAT high.

I have a Jackson RR3 and a Roland cube 30 atm, no pedals.
mmm it kind of kills me to suggest metal distortions. I'm not a gear snob at all, but you will be much more satisfied with your tone if you save for a high gain amp. The pedals sound fake to my ears. If I had to suggest, though, it would be the Boss Metal zone or the EHX Metal Muff.

But aim for the amp my friend! All of those bands you mentioned basically use their amp distortion with a little tube screamer.
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For about 300 bones you can get a demonizer. It's a pedal that actually uses two 12 ax7 tubes, one pre gain and one post. Effectively it is pretty much a pre-amp that you used like a stomp box. It even has a 20 decible boost foot switch as well. Quite the monster!
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Ah right, well the other day I tried out a 100W Randall tube amp and I hated the tone coming from it.
Is that a bad amp or are their better ones?