the lowest i can go on this head is $2800 shipped or $2700 for pickup in Secaucus NJ. i would also be interested in a trade for a different high gain head that is midi capable and has at least 3 channels along with an appropriate amount of cash. a few heads im considering are the ENGL Invader 100, ENGL Savage 120, Framus Cobra, and Marshall JVM but im open to other offers. i can email pictures by request and feel free to ask any questions about the head. my email address is minervinil1@student.wpunj.edu
i dont know much about that one but i will certainly do some research on the amp and sleep on it. ill have an answer for you by tomorrow
Ha, I almost bought one of these, but got a Randall V2 instead. Very happy with my choice, but the Engl is definately a good amp.Free bump dude .
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yea its an amazing amp, but i dont have enough time to play guitar (nor am i in a gigging band) to justify keeping such an expensive head considering my other financial responsibilities
im also interested in splawns or the Randall R100M (the one with EL34s that uses the modules im not sure if i got its name right), along with the Cobra JVM Savage and Invader
pics have been emailed to you. if anyone else wants to see pics just leave me an email address