I have a peavey classic 50, so i was considering buying a practice amp when i don't want to use it and don't want to go too loud, and i don't want to carry it around when i go to my cousins

I was considering buying:

Vox DA5
Heres a vid---


Heres a vid--

Vox AD15VT

When watching some video, i kind of lean over Vox because the Cube does sound more digital and the vox sound more like a tube to me.

I don't really know.... what do you guys recommend, if you guys have any other suggestion i will consider but i do like watts ranging from 15-5, and money ranging from $200-100 (but $150 or less is better )
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Well.. i don't know the Vox, but i own a Microcube..
and i think the microcube ****ing rocks
hehe, The distortion sucks ( for metal ), but hell, it can run on batteries and it's a dream to carry along with a guitar and a couple of cables, and you are ready to gig
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valve junior?

It is a nice amp,but i should of mention that i want effects in it (basically a modeler amp) and a line/phone and aux input so i can play along with my computer or cd...

But headphone features is the most important so i don't bother my parents
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Cube 15 doesnt have the effects/modelling as the microcube...

lots of people say to stay away from it

Ohh, thank you very much... Thats why its cheaper.

Now how would you compare Microcube against Vox Valvetronix AD15VT 15w 1x8 Guitar Combo Amp?
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Never had too much playing time with the Vox... but I sure do LOVE my Microcube!!!

I love how it rums on batterys... and it lasts so long that I pretty much dont use the supplied cord... (too lazy I guess LOL)
Is it loud enough to jam with another guitar (my cousin have 15 watts Frontman, that's why i was considering AD15VT)?
the microcube is way loud. 2 watts will fool you with this. I play with it on about 2.5
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the microcube is way loud. 2 watts will fool you with this. I play with it on about 2.5

Dang!!! Really... Wow, i didn't know... then i guess its good enough for a practice amp that is