.. but i searched and couldn't find a definitive answer for my situation.

basically i got a USA tele in october, and my ss amp just isnt cutting it any more. So i wanna get a tube amp. But my funds are fairly 'inadequate' at the mo. I have a band, and while i dont play in it at present, i might be called upon to play in it in future, and i'd like an amp loud enough to be heard over drums. (our drummer is mad).

I have a Ts-9, so practise volume levels arent too much of a worry either.

I was going to get a Laney VC15. But I noticed a lot of people saying good things about the epi VJ. I have a PA system for singing, will it work if i put the VJ through that or not really?

also, another worry about the Laney is that i'll probably by off the net, so i wont be able to try it. I've played a lot of small amps that sound insanely jangly with my strat and tele, and i'm worried that the case will be the same with this.

I don't really want to spend more than £250 ($500?) and I play classic and modern rock, blues and a little jazz.

Sorry for the long post, Cheers

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my Laney VC15 is quite trebly, try something darker voiced. maybe a used JCM8 or a DSL401?
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I have a peavey bandit and it seems to do the job, cost me 225, you can definately get over the drums for that amount
get an amp with a bigger speaker, that will make it less "jangly"
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