If my strings feel like they have alot of friction and my fingers don't slide too well on them, will some kind of cleaner do the trick? They are almost new but my fingers sweat alot so maybe it's got some funk on them. Two different almost new sets on two different guitars did this.
Your best bet is to wipe your strings down with a soft cloth after each time you play. That will help keep them clean.

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^ i argee. wiping your strings will really prolong the life of your strings.
Use Lemon Oil every month or so, clean your strings with a cloth after you finish playing, and wash your hands BEFORE you start playing, this prevents your hands from sweating

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i tryed this and it works rub your strings with rubbing alcohol and it makes almost as good as new
but DONT let it took ur guitar it can ruin the finish
I find just keeping your hands clean and wiping it with a cloth once a week or something should keep it ok.

I have another problem with my D string where the string has some indents with stuffed up areas, its not much of a problem though it might be the cause of tension not just cleanliness or friction of the string.