I put Texas Specials in a '79 Strat. I did the work myself making sure that everything went in the same as it was before. One thing I have noticed is that the bridge pickup sounds a little weaker than the other two. Is this normal?
Are you sure you put the appropriate pickup in the bridge?

If you did, then adjust the height of the pickups. If it's really weak, you may have a cold solder joint, which can happen.
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you should also check the pickup height. it may just need to be raised closer to the strings a bit.
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I find usually the bridge pickup needs to be closer to the strings than the neck or middle ones, both single coil and humbuckers. I think this is because the strings are at their narrowest point in their vibrational pattern and the bridge and nut. Pickups work by amplifying that vibration, so the narrower the vibrational pattern the closer the pickup needs to be to get the same results.

You might also need to lower the other pickups, they should get a nice clean sound. If they distort no matter what you do, they are probably too close. Setting pickups too close can also affect intonation since the magnets are strong anough to pull the strings slightly out of tune if they get too close. I try to get mine as close as I can without distortion then set everything so they all get the same volume level. To check it I strum a chord and flip the pickup switch quickly, if the volume is different it should be easy to hear.

I have to set one of my guitars (dual humbuckers) so the bridge pickup is only 1/8" from the strings while the neck pickup is over 1/4" from the strings and below the surface of the pickup housing. Any higher it gets louder than the bridge pickup.

Double check your wiring, if you got the wires crossed that may be causing the problem. Any time I get into the wiring I always grab the digital camera and take a dozen pictures from every possible angle, so I know later exactly how everything was wired to begin with.
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I've raised and lowered the pickups multiple times with no noticeable difference. I also have a '62 Reissue Strat and I've never had any volume differences between the pickups. The only thing I haven't messed with is the solder joint. I'm no pro and I did the work about 10 years ago. If I remember correctly there are three wires that came together. Should they be stacked, twisted together or each soldered individually to the pot?
I solder them individually when I do it. But make sure to check both connections - the ones at the switch and the ones grounded to the pot body. You'll be able to tell because a good solder joint will be bright and shiny, whereas a bad one will look glazed over/opaque. And again, make sure you put the correct pickup in the bridge position - they tend to be wound a bit hotter to compensate for the lower string oscillation.
Hi, I'm Peter
dude...check everything if that pick up still sounds the same...maybe consult a technician or a professional....or if u have cash....why don't you buy new puffs!!!!
He meant pups, pickups. Don't listen to him. Even if your pickup is unusually weak, raising it should make a difference, so keep trying...
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why dont you try consulting a technician for you to know the problem then thats the time to think what u gonna do???