One of my guitars and my friends old guitars (a Jackson WRMG) did this: whenever you switch from the neck pickup to the bridge pickup, it sounds like the volume is turned almost all the way down on the guitar until you hit the strings really hard... then it gets shocked back into power.

If you switch the switch really fast, it usually avoids the problem. Does this have to do with a bad switch? The volume and tone knobs work fine, as does the rest of the guitar.
Sounds like the switch is going bad. Try spraying it with a little contact cleaner.
could be the switch, but it probaby is the pot. Open er up and check all the connections, if they are good, get new pots.
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I'd say the Pots. If you're unsure, you could always go to a guitar repair store near you before buying anything.
Quote by XxGibsonSGxX
Are the volume and tone knobs for the bridge turned all the way up?

Yes, as always.
if it can avoid the problem by switching really fast, it sounds like its some sort of connection issue with the switch.
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