I have a 9 Volt Daisey Chain.

and I have a Pedal that has two 9v Batteries, or via 18 V connector.

Do you think I could use two pieces of a daisy chain and use the battery extension on them and power each battery separately to get the 18V for the pedal since it has two batteries?

would help to get some replies
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I have wondered this too... lol I have the slash wah...

I mean it should work as it says you can use two batteries or an 18V power supply, which is pretty expensive and wasteful when you have daisy chains,

now the daisy chains have battery adapter's for units with no AC adapter, so seems to me that this would work?
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I think it should work too... I am just to chicken to be the guy who finds out it doesnt...

Test it out at a store =P
this is a daisy chain


the pedal I am trying to power has 2 Batteries in it, both are 9v, so that makes 18V, just need to know if I can use two sections of the daisy chain with battery connectors to them if it would power both batteries so the 18V pedal shall in turn work.

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thats only rated for 30MA's

but my friends, two battery connectors would work on this pedal so I won't have to waste $20 on a power supply or an adapter as I would now have to spend zero dollars as I have two buttery adapter's and extra 9V daisy chain