Hey guys I'm looking to get a cheap but decent quality mic for recording acoustic guitar and vocals.

Any suggestions?
my band uses the Shure SM57 to record things like that
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I've heard that Shure is the way to go. I really would like to spend between $100-200 bucks.
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the sm57 is an dynamic instrument microphone, amazing value for recording instruments. It is used it recording studios everywhere, and its only around $100. The sm58 is a vocal microphone and will result in significantly better quality vocals, and im not sure how well it records instruments. Its around the same price. I have a cheaper mic (peavey, around $50) which works excellent for recording my guitar and bass. but its not good for recording vocals, they are too quiet, muddy, unclear, etc.
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so sm57 if I wanna record both guitar and vocals?

sm 57s aren't great for vocals
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can i get by with it, or should i get the sm58?

should be ok. ask the staff at a music store, they should be able to help you. don't let them talk you into paying an outrageous price though.