dunno what forum I'm supposed to do this in so I'll do it here.

First off the diffrences between vocal fry and false chords.

Vocal fry is something you get when you inhale, its that noise that the grudge makes but at a much faster rate. I'd like to know if you can do this exhale and at what pitch? low/mid/high or all of em?

same goes for false chords, what pitch?

another question, it itches whenever i do these 2 things at the back of my throat, was wondering if this is the proper way to do it, or is it wrong if it itches?
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since I see no answers here i think you should post it in the growling thread.......I'm not a screamer so I'm sorry i can't help you. I hate to tell u to change forum but i had to or you had to see the thread closed or moved or somebody else told u in a nasty way. Ok?

Or if u dont know where to post it PM a moderator.
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