My spider line 6 15W has started going buggy; the gain stopped working, so now they all sound like the "Insane" distortion mode... And I really don't want to have to mess with it, would rather buy another one. Anyways, I am trying to decide between...
Advantages/disadvantages of both?

Edit: Don't know if this matters, but I play Classic Rock, Metal and Blues Rock most of the time.
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i cant be arsed to check out the websites, but the Roland Cube models are quite versatile. i've no idea about the Vox
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The micro cube is awesome it sounds great and is loud as **** for it's size, but I hear the vox da5 is just as good in that area plus has more features...
The micro cube is awesome and cheap. Id recommend one to anyone wanting a practice amp for home use
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The micro cube is awesome and cheap. Id recommend one to anyone wanting a practice amp for home use

Definitely. Definitely. Definitely.

My friend has a microcube, and I have a Cube 30X. They're both great, and provide awesome sound for their price.
I think you'll feel like you made a good purchase with either of the two. Personally id choose the vox, mainly just because I've played a lot of vox's, and not so many cubes.

But both are some of the best SS practice amps that you can get in that price range
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What's the distorted tone on the Cubes like? I need a new amp and I'm looking for a good tone for Arch Enemy and Nevermore style music and the Cubes fit exactly what I need in terms of volume and price.
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Do you know how good the effects are?

Roland effects are high quality, the only problem is you can't tweet the speed of the flange and chorus and that kinda ****, other than that they are great...but you know you should try both amps out to see which one you like more...
I highly suggest the Microcube. It's a great little practice amp.
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