OK, so I bought a Pod 2.0 and a microphone but didn't get a lead for the mic. I want to record on my computer with it, so the question is:

Should I get a lead to plug the mic straight into the computer?


Should I get a lead to plug the mic into the Pod 2.0 which will then plug into the computer?

Thanks in advance
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If you want to record both guitar and vocals it would be more cost efficient to upgrade to an interface like the line6 Toneport UX1. This unit has an on board preamp and XLR input as well as an instrument input for guitar or bass. With Gearbox you will get the same function of many guitar amps and FX all in a small package. All you would need is your guitar, a mic, and the interface which plugs into a laptop or desktop computer.

Option A) Toneport interface

Option B) new 2496 PCI card
which could wire a few ways

1) mic > preamp > M-audio 2496
2) Guitar > POD2.0 > M-audio 2496

You would need a preamp if you got the new card but its a very nice PCI card for the price. It's only limit is you cant use it with a laptop like you can the Toneport.

If you get the Toneport you only need an XLR mic cable to run your mic
If you got the preamp and 2496 you would need an RCA adapter cable to get the preamp fed into your new card.
A 1/8 - 1/4" headphone adapter at the TRS side of that cord will let it plug into the preamps output.

The cost is a little cheaper on the Toneport and you get some new sounds with Gearbox but if you go for the new card and preamp you can easily run your POD2.0 into it.

If you go for the UX1 you can also feed the output of the POD into the back panel inputs using some Y cable.

The choice of going with either the new interface or new PCI card and preamp is yours.

I would probably go with the Toneport simply because its an easy compact unit and with the back inputs you can always feed your old POD into it.