I'm currently looking for a new guitar. I play melodeath and death metal. Today I tried out a Horizon with a fixed bridge at the local guitar pusher, and it felt absolutely great. I have been looking for this feeling in a guitar for quite a long time. The plans for buying a Schecter C1 were trashed because the neck isn't comfortable for me. Moderately thin like this ESP seems like just my cup of tea.

Now what's the problem here? Well, money of course! It is expensive like crap, and I don't have the time to wait another year just to save up for it. So I was wondering, are there any "similar" guitars out there for a lower price? A high-end LTD is fine with me. Yes, I know I won't ge the same build quality and blah blah blah for a lower price, but I'm just looking for something that has the same features.

How does the LTD MH1000 compare to it? It is impossible for me to try out, because no stores around here carry it, but I can always use ebay. Isn't it quite similar to the Horizon?

Help me out ESP geeks!
The LTD MHNT250 or 400 are very good mid ranged rugged guitars. I have the 250 and fitted an EMG81 to it not long ago and it sounds as good as the ESP horizon (My band mate has just bought a black one). If I were you I'd go for the 400 as it already has the active pickup arrangment built in and its not that much more expensive.

Ive havnt had one problem with mine since I bought it well over a year ago and its been toured hard.

The neck and headstock are the same size its just the body which is smaller on the horizon because its a horizon body not and M series body.

Hope all that helped.

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The H-1000 or H-1001 are basically cheaper versions of the Horizon. They are right up your alley. If you want a locking trem, the MH-1000 is another option.
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But they have thicker necks, right? The schecter I've tried had a too thick neck for me. Or at least, it didn't feel right at all.

The ESP just felt... Right.
Sorry, I deleted my post 'cuz I saw you'd already tried Schecter.

I've never done a side-by-side between ESP and Schecter but I firmly believe there is something going on between those two companies. They are the only two brands that consistently and instantly feel good to me in a store and several of their body designs are damn near identical (Case in point: ESP/LTD SC607 = Schecter Jeff Loomis).

As for the neck being thick, I never even took notice but I do like thick necks so I'm not really the person to ask
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