hi there,
i have just bought my first guitar, a nice electric guitar.
i am wanting to learn to play it, but am not having much luck finding the right songs to learn to play first.
can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Ps. Someone told me to get guitar pro so i have that aswell

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what do you listen too??
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well, when i first started out, i did stuff like oasis' wonderwall and boulevard of broken dreams by green day. the chord progressions in wonderwall are rlly common and theyll be easy to play. Also learn these chords

Em, G, A, D. They'll help, trust me.
I reccomend White Stripes and Nirvana to get the basics, and then maybe some Hendrix riffs to learn to combine hammer ons, slides and bends, etc.

Take a look at AC/DC, GNR, Led Zep and maybe some Van Halen stuff.
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day tripper by the beatles is one of the first songs I learned, also come as you are by nirvana. When I started out though, I also practiced memorizing, fingering, and strumming some simple chords like G major, c major, e minor, a minor, and that worked out pretty well...I would to jump between practicing some songs and practicing fingering and strumming chords. You'll be surprised at how quickly you can improvise if you just learn some straight up chords, in addition to songs. Mixing it up like that will also keep you more motivated, since everything will be more fresh and entertaining