So I'm a beginner, starting out and had a choice of 3 guitar-Epiphone G-400, Yamaha Pacifica and Ibanez Rg2EX1-I'm more of a metalhead
Thingy is, recently I saw reviews of a "Behringer iaxe393 " or something like that
apparently, it's a guitar which comes with a usb in it and a cable included so u can hook it up to ur pc, and record music, play music,and get backing tracks and turn ur pc into a processor with many effects.it's pretty sick actually. the package even comes with an amp and all the beginner stuff..
Surprisingly, it's only around $139 or something
it's too cheap to be true, what do u think

I always knew it was too good to be true, but damn, i would really want a guitar like that.
thanks so much guys.
guess ill just stick with the g=4-00
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anything behringer is terrible.
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Don't do it. You're paying $100 for the USB and $39 for the rest of it

Don't skimp when it comes to getting your first bits of gear. The Yamaha is a great starter guitar, as is the G-400. Ultimately they will become obsolete to you but they're a great way to start playing for the first year or so. What's more important is that you get a decent amp. If you're into metal I strongly suggest looking at the Roland Cube 30.
I personally can't speak for their guitars, but judging by the bass amp i used to have of theirs, i suggest you stay away. Behringer usually means trouble.
you can attach any guitar with a standard guitar cable to which you attach a 1/4'' to 1/8'' jack adaptor.
the adaptor shold cost about 4 USD and u just download an effect program or anything you want!

(you plug the guitar to the blue Line in hole or the red Microphone hole, 1st preffered)
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