So up until now ive been pretty satisfied with my Crate BT50 and my tone. But I played my friends MIA jazz bass through his ampeg head and harke cab a few days ago and I am so unsatisfied with my tone now. I just cant get a nice sound out of it. I hate the strings that came on my bass (fenders) so I ordered some rotosounds which will help some. But im so stuck on my EQ. The whole + and - db confuses me. I know I over do the EQ on my bass and amp. So if anybody could give me some suggestions on some EQ settings I would REALLY appreciate it. I should be getting my own ampeg sometime this summer.

The sound I want is hard to explain. I want it punchy/funky and sort of hollow sounding in the middle if that makes sense. Tone similar to Dirk Lance's (early incubus)

Whats it sound like when you have blown a speaker? Randomly, while im playing this sound comes out of my amp. Its hard to explain what it sounds like.. but it sorta sounds like somebody blowing on a plastic bag and really bad distortion put together. It doesn't happen all the time, just once in awhile. Its really really annoying.

I can't really help you with the noise your amp is making, but a good read to help with EQ are theiftz's blogs. They helped me quite a bit.




Also, what bass are you playing?

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The bad sound coming from your amp is probably from the active electronics of your bass. Active electronics put out a hotter signal and can make your amp distort a bit, you also may need to replace the battery.

As far as EQ'ing your rig, well I would just suggest palying around with it ALOT.
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If you don't mind some trully insane ranting and politicking, I wrote 2 somewhat popular blogs on EQing that you might find helpful.

First, check out:
which should give you an understanding of exactly how EQing works.

Then, if you dare, check out:
which gives you my ideas of 'how' to EQ.

Anyway, a blown speaker is visual - take of that grille and make sure the cone of the speaker isn't ripped anywhere.

However, immediately, set everything flat. Then, read my blogs. Then, start fiddling around. That should do it.
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+db and - db is just adjusting decibel levels for frequencies. It's either a difference of +3 or 6 db that double's the volume, or minus that halves it. I don't remember though, I'm sorry

I'll try find out for you though.
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Ill check out those blogs and hopefully I can come up with something to satisfy me until I get an ampeg :/

My bass has a new battery and my amp made the same noise when my friend played his mia jazz bass through it. So im assuming its the amp. I checked the speaker and I dont see anything wrong with it. If I took it to a local shop do you think it would be a fairly cheap fix? Ill check back to this thread later after putting on fresh rotosounds and messing around with my EQ. Im also getting my DOD FX25 Envelope Filter today so if anybody is interested in sound clips or a little review let me know
I havent messed around with my EQ yet but im having a bit of a dilemma. The battery cover on my active bass wont come off :?
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