I wanted to know if any Toneport UX1 or UX2 users have any favorites setups for the AMP models and cabinets. Also, what kind of setting are you using on your AMP models and what effects are you using.

the line6 web site has a few nice ones made by producers & engineers, go check them out
only ones I found from line6's site were ones you had to pay for...
I have not really found any great sounds out of GB to tell you the truth so im moving up to something better for my setup.
ah, i got confused...it was the Amplitube site that has em
of course they don't work for GB

you should go get Amplitube-2 anyway, so much better
I just sold my UX2... finally got a real rig! I think what I used to use (i play death metal) was the Line 6 "Insane" head... drive pretty much all the way up, low and high at about 2-3 oclock and mids at about 10. For cab i think i used the t-75 model or whatever it was called. Used the dynamic mic close to the cab. Other than that I just used the hum reducer and noise gate. For lead/solos i usually threw in some Cavernous reverb and digital delay.