Does anybody know what the action is like on these? I havent seen one in any of the local guitar shops so im unable to find out myself, unfortunately.
If the action is high, can it be lowered enough so there is a significant difference?
The action can ALWAYS be lowered. Just the proper allen keys and BAM! You are done.
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Unless there is some type of defect (warped neck), you can set the action however you want it. Your concerns should be the quality of the hardware and electronics. A lot of people who buy mexi-fenders put new tuners and pickups on shortly after purchase
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im planning on replacing the pickups, probably with some seymour duncans, thinking of getting a rail pickup for the bridge, or something like that, if i buy this guitar.
Its just that i heard that due to the curved shape of the fretboard, its apparently difficult to lower the action significantly.