WHAT SONG IS THIS!?!?!? Its been driving me nuts...I got it on a mix CD from someone, and I can't figure out who the hell sings it, what the title is, or what album it's off....help me out, would you, someone? Argh!

[Odd SFX loop...sounds like a major chord going down from the octave (two notes on each step)...]

[Verse I]
I've been losing sleep for days.
You've been searching through the deserts and the caves
Your postcards hit me in waves,
Sadly stinging me with songs from yesterday.

Love, such as it ends, breaking the hearts that wouldn't bend
close the doors you used to listen through,
(but it goes on)
Such as it ends, into the flames we'll start again,
and in the end I'll be with you.

[Verse II]
You've been burning up for days,
Trying to gather all the figures in the clay.
You know they can't all be saved,
Leave the week ones, find the [???something, something something...???]


I've been vacant for so long
(but you were there)
You look so tired,
now just please, love, let me take it on my shoulders
and we might make it home.


Love such as it ends breaking the hearts that wouldn't bend...


And in the end I'll be with you.

The lyrics might not be right...I had to figure them out by myself. I appreciate anyone who can tell me what the hell song this is. It's driving me insane...