Kind of a weird question i guess but i was wondering what gauge strings should i get when i play in tunnings from A# to Drop-C.... i was thinking about gettin 11s or 12s with a heavier E string

tuned down to A# for the first time and since i have just got my guitar the strings were 9s and it sounded sooooo bad LMAO.
not a weird question at all, i would suggest at the very least 11s for drop C, but as your going lower probably go for 12s, my B string is a 54 so maybe some kind of 12 to 54 set if you can get those
ooo i got answers wasnt really expecting any LOL

thanks alot yeah was thinkin about goin 12s but i got told by a mate if i did that id end up with a "zack wylde tone" LOL

but he has big silly hair LOL