Hello, I have finally replaced the zoom9.2tt with a brand new POD X3 Live. so far I am very satisfied with the sound, but I would like to get some presets from the internet. I went to the customtone.com website and there are presets for various models of Line 6, but there are no presets for the X3 Live! Where can I get some then?
yeah.. im searching too:P i want cool metal sounds, but cant find them.. can someone help us??
It`s sad but true.
its kinda weird, what do I need all this monkey thing for when there are no presets? come on, its a new version of XT live, what the hell? :P
well.. youve got to install the software.. because you can upload and download bundles.. but with the monkey you have a sort of connector..
It`s sad but true.
yeah, but what about the custom tones? besides, the Line6 edit application does not support X3 live!! ;-//
yeah i know.. there will be an editor for the x3.. euh..end of february.. so.. you`ll have to wait.. just like me:P

Im looking forward to it.. edit sounds on my pc(H)
It`s sad but true.
Where did u read about the release date?

I hope that it will be compatible with the presets made for XT, since my friend has some extremely cool tones made on this pedal
on the line6 website.. then on the Support link.. podx3 and you `ll find it there..

Good luck..
It`s sad but true.
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