I got a Darth Vader PSP for Christmas and it has firmware v.3.17
and I've been trying to find out how i can get the latest custom firmware on it, but all the info I've found on google about it is confusing so I've come here.


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it remains a playstation thing... tried their site?
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It's easiest if you have a friend with a cfw enabled psp, so they can make you a pandora battery. If not, you need a unpatched copy of lumines to downgrade. Tons of tutorials for all of those things are on exophase.
You can easily ruin your psp by fiddling with it and not knowing what you're doing.
I think you need a pandora battery for that firmware. But you should ask someone who knows how to do it for you.
Actually, since the pandora battery came out there really isn't anything you can do that can't be easily reverted, and even without it you have to do something completely stupid to brick it (Like messing with flash0, turning off during updates, etc).
If you have a slim, the only way you probably can customize the firmware is to use Pandora. Then after that you'll be able to download any custom firmware. I'm not 100% sure about that though because the PSP hack community updates itself almost weekly.
Yeah, I have 3.71 M33 on my Slim.
Pandoras battery is the easiest way, literally press x twice.