so how does one know when their current sound car isn't sufficient ? what are the tell tale signs of needing a new one ?
Well for me the amount of white noise I get tells me my soundacrd is not sufficient to even make sound.
Do you use a BR-600?
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Sound cards usually don't just go out like a light bulb. If your sound just stops working or the sound coming from your speakers gets fuzzy, then it's time to upgrade. Also a basic sound card will provide you with basic sound. The more you upgrade the better sound will come from your speakers in terms of sound voicing, dimensions, etc. Basically the sound will sound more dimensional the more money you put into it. Also the software that comes with the soundcard now days allows you to add effects to your sound. You can add effects so that your sound sounds like its coming from a concert hall (added echo) or from some silly places (underwater) etc. Depending on what you'd like to do with sound on yer comp depends what s-card you need. What r u looking to do?
well i just got sonar home studio looking to record things and what not and make music with the synths and drum sounds that are on it, but it doesnt sound that good, so i was wondering if it was the sound card
You know you need a new soundcard when you are using the stock soundcard.
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