Poll: Who is your favourite Papa?
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Papa Smurf is my man
34 33%
Moominpappa ftw!
13 13%
The Pope reigns supreme
4 4%
Papa Lazarou gets me going
20 19%
My heart belongs to another Papa, unspecified here
14 13%
I choose to abstain from Papacompetition
17 16%
Voters: 104.
A question that has plagued mankind for centuries: who is the best Papa?

Papa Smurf:


The Pope:

Papa Lazarou:

Or does another lesser known Papa tickle your fancy!?

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I like The unamed Papa from the Road by Cormac McCarthy.

He's a badass.

That is one depressing book.
moomin.. there's no doubt!!
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What about papa John?

Or papa George?

or papua new Guinea?

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Argh! Can't decide, I love the Dave-related antics of Papa Lazarou, but Papa Smurf is just sheer legend.
papa legba. i love the voodoo!!
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That is one depressing book.

I haven't finished it yet.

I've got about 100 or so pages left.

I'm guessing that in the end they comandeer a boat to Jamaica where it's sunny all day and lollipops grow on trees.

How close am I?
papa smurf... end of question..
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I like The unamed Papa from the Road by Cormac McCarthy.

He's a badass.

Exactly what I thought when I read the thread title.
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