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Thers many songs i like including raining blood, 3s & 7s, thru the fire and flames and devil went down to georgia.

Jus askin a really hard question and came up with 4 answers. lol

Anyhoo.. wts ur fave gh3 song?

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Same old song and dance. OR Rock you like a hurricane.
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Number of the Beast or Cliffs of Dover
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F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X or Take This Life
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Urm My Curse, Rock You Like A Hurricane or Talk Dirty To Me
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Probably Cliffs Of Dover, or Story Of My Life.
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Rock you like a hurricane
talk dirty to me
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My Curse and Through the Fire and Flames are prob my favorites
Cliffs of dover and Pride and joy and One
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knights of Cydonia or Devil went down to gerogia or radio song
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At first I was like "Dude, this set list is weak!". There were some good songs in there, like Welcome to the Jungle, Rock All Nite and that Priestess song, but overall there were no songs I really liked. Then I came to level, what, seven? And there was Disturbed and Slipknot and Metallica and friggin' SLAYER for God's sake! And check the bonus tracks; In Flames! Sure, it was a pretty bad song, but In Flames's always In Flames.

So yeah, a ton of great songs this time around! This game will keep me going for ages.
rock you like a huricane
knights of cydonia
anarchy in the uk
prayer of the refugee
"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" gets my pick. Although I like my version better.
Dont have any one favourite but some of them are Welcome to the jungle, cliffs of dover, number of the beast, and the devil went down to georgia(violin version better)
Remake of Devil Went Down to Georgia.
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Cliffs of Dover, Pride and Joy, and the santana song. Ohhhhh and that Mastodon song. I LOVE playing that song.
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