Well i need the drum track of backstreet boys- show me the meaning of being lonely

And i cant find the guitar pro file on it anywhere

So if someone could maybe make me one? I would be extremely grateful

you are playing at a gay bar im guessing

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backstreet boys backing track.....

check www.guitarbt.com
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If I mic up my drums tomorow, then I'll do some drumming for you =D

I'll just not be able to look at myself in the same way again after playing backstreet boys D:

Oh yeah, and if I do do this, then you know it's not going to be exactly like the real thing, yes?

PM me.

Or leave a comment on my profile.

Or whatever.
haha hey hey... I like half of backstreet boys stuff... if you just have a proper listen, you'll find theyre pretty good stuff.

And no i'm not gay, i like women
Backstreet Bi's aren't THAT bad come on guys. Anyway, you can try 2 things: First, you can get a midi of the file, download Anvil Studio (amazing midi editor) http://www.anvilstudio.com/ Anyway, install that and load the midi track. Then mute everything except the drums/vocals or whatever you want. You're lucky, I'm in a good mood. Heres the midi: