Alright, I need your help. I wrote this song in about 2 hours ish and I need your opinion on what to chuck or not. Thanks alot :]

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solo and outro seemed to me best parts

rest reminded me of JFAC, way too chaotic, i sure you could make it work with more instruments but just guitars is too dissonant[need better word] for an entertaining listening experiance

but its definatley some hardcore deathmetal
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envoykrawkwar7, oh yee who does not listen to the black dahlia murder. Thank you for your crit :] ill take note.

Big_C, thanks.

p!r4Te, yeah i plan on writing drums and bass. It was originally ended on C5, but i just made the acoustics come in because... I felt like it.
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thats mean, theres not really any melodys there though. you should put a fat breakdown in there, that would sound great
solo was sweet and spooky. U kept the dark feeling throughout the song witch is great!. The Riffs were awesome and so was the intro the outro was ok Very melodic great song great JoB!
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