I'm thinking about starting up a cover band with a couple of friends of mine, we're hoping to play stuff like Trivium, KSE, All That Remains.

I've got a couple questions, though. What could I do to get a tone similar to Mike D's from KSE? I've got a Warwick Corvette, 5 string, and I'm using a 350W Hartke head with a Hartke 4x10 and Hartke 1x15. I remember hearing that he uses the Sans Amp Bass Driver, and that he basically gets all of his tone from that, keeping the EQ setting on his amp flat. Since I don't REALLY feel like dropping the $200 on the Sans Amp, is there anything else I could do to try and get a tone a bit more like his?

Oh, and I have the DOD and Boss Bass OD pedals, if that would help. Thanks.
The sansamp in this case is more for EQ and valve simulation than 'overdrive'. Mike D plays with a pick, and his tone is pretty clean. Try boosting the bass on you EQ a little and you'll get close.

Does your bass have active pickups? Im pretty sure Mike D uses actives.

I know that your probably pretty set on getting his tone, but my suggestion would be to find your own. If your covering Trivium as well as Killswitch, Paolo has a very different style and tone to Mike D. Having your own sound can really make your playing cut through the guitars and make people pay attention to the lines you're playing.
He leaves his amp EQ flat, and has a bass that has its tone hardwired to flat... and relies on a SansAmp BDDI for tone. What kind of role model is this for young metalcore bassists?

The SansAmp only has "Low" and "Hi" knobs, so I'm sure if you do a bit of a mid scoop and add some overdrive to it, you'll be fine. You'll probably be drowned out by the guitars though.
Mike uses Passive MM style pickups, he used one of the Ibanez SRX models for a while before finally getting his own SRX style signature bass.

I knew he used the Sans Amp and left his EQ flat, and I didn't want to have to get any new gear to try and get something close to what he's using. Paolo and him actually have a fairly similar tone, from what I can hear on the records. The attack sounds pretty similar on Ascendancy to Mike's on KSE's stuff, but that's when Paolo was using a pick. His sound is totally different now, and I was hoping to cover any newer Trivium stuff anyway.

Thanks, guys.