i am trying to learn afew songs for my music exam comming up...
i bought some music books and stuff,
Rockschool Guitar - Grade 3 (2006-2012)
and found a song i liked, its called 'Download'
anyway, ive got to improvise in it,
ive got a few bits, but the thing is,
none of the bits i create seem to fit with the song!
its REALLY annoying.
is there any tips or advise anyone out there can give me?
ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Look at the first chord of the solo, and do thats minor pentatonic (i think its E) and it sounded fine when i did it, at grade 3 their not expecting massive modal solos or anything.
Um....be in key?

and don't be playing out of like, harmonic minor over a major progression.