im thinking of buying this guitar
but im having some nervous thoughts about the LFR. I change tunings a lot, but mostly just from standard to drop d.
i realize that there is this model as well, without the tremolo
but im having trouble finding that model used (im hoping to get it for 500 used)

but i had a thought. would i be able to remove one of the locks at the bridge, specifically the one holding the low E and A strings, so i could tune the E to D if i wished, without screwing up the bridge?

(and please no "buy a better amp" comments, im looking at a vavleking which i played the esp through and loved it."
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no you can't do that, it defeats the whole purpose of a double locking tremolo if you do that, just buy a guitar witha floating bridge (non double locking)
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perhaps down the line a D-tuna would work in you favor
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Yeah big downside of floyds are that you cant change tuning easily. I would get the fixed
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If you have you'r guitar tuned to Standard and untune you'r Low E and A string, everything else will get untuned. Having floyd is a nervewracking but you'll get used to it.
yea... I had a floating trem on my first guitar was a mistake. They are awesome trems you gotta make sure thats what you want.

Since all the same strings are connected to the "floating" piece of metal, if you lower you low E string, its gonna cause the bridge to lower more into cavity in the guitar, which is going to pull back harder on all your other strings which makes them go sharp.

And oppositely, if you tighten a strength, it would pull the trem further out, lowering all of the others
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alright, so ill either get the hardtail or get the one with the lfr and not do what i had planned

thanks guys
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a D-tuna is made for that(low E to D), but i haven´t tried it
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Guys, you're forgetting the easy solution: Block the trem to dive only. That way you can tune one string and it won't upset the others. Likewise it will allow the trem to sit at a fairly constant level if you do it right. You can't do a D-Tuna without doing that, as it would still throw the strings otu on a floating trem and unbalance it.
If you are just going to Drop D, on a floyd you can set it up so that you can make that switch via the fine tuners with very little hassle.

Edit: ^--it doesn't affect the other strings very much. If you want I can make recordings with 3 different (two licensed floyds).
sorry, but what is a d-tuna, and how would i do all this? and what would i need?
Ibanez S520ex
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Roland Microcube
Alvarez MC90
You can switch from dropped d to standard easy it takes about 30 secs though if you don't have the d and e set up within the fine tuner (which works good but you usually can't pull up if you have it like that). I don't think you can pull up with the d-tuna either and if I'm right about that it means your paying $50 to save 10 secs that it would take just to use the fine tuner.