Yeah that would sound fine. I don't see any problems with tone or output, be a little different to wire. Can't say I've ever seen a triple humbucking nez. Let me know how that works out because that is a pretty good idea. I think Ace Frehley uses a super distortion in the middle...they might all be supers in his guitar though.
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I have a similar setup, two humbuckers with a stacked SC-sized humbucker in the middle.

Be aware that to properly wire it the preferred way, you'll need a multipole "superswitch". They're about $40 from Ibanez or Dimarzio. This is needed so that in positions 2 and 4, it works like a standard HSH setup, except it's noiseless.

As for tone, i'd say the Super Distortion is fairly high output. I prefer a mid-output stacked bucker for the middle, but hey, to each his own.