what is the general rule and feeling when picking the notes with these two components?

Thank you
Try pick with your wrist! It allows you to pick more accurately and quickly then your arm. It takes a lot of patience developing these accurate picking skills, and it can be frustrating at times, but keep going with it and one day you will be playing and you'll look at yourself and think "Holy crap! I'm doing it! Hooray!".

Use your arm if you really want to accent your strumming, either with more volume or just for show.
cheers for that but if i was just to use my wrist would my arm naturally move to the adjacent strings without moving it?
Something I wrote in a different thread:

In my analysis of my own picking technique, in what works and what doesn't, is
that the "picking mechanism" involves the entire connection from the neck down
to the fingers. Ignore or stiffen up and one part, and another part must take
over the function of that "lost" part. And generally this taking over is MUCH less
efficient and difficult than just training the right part to do the right job.

So, if you're only concentrating on your wrist, your wrist now has to do the job of
the entire arm. Not an impossible task, but it's a very difficult path to do *everything*
you may want to do that way.

Personally, I think its a lot better to work on your elbow first. The wrist usually
gets all the attention. But if you can train your elbow to do its job, you can free
up the wrist to do its job. Then, they can both work together.