well my dad recently bought a guitar from guitar center and it was out of tune. it stayed a while at my dads where he did not tune it. is there a way to tune it without anyones help and without perfect pitch?
uhh.. you know the fifth fret thing? fifth fret of a string should be the same as the next string, cept on G to B string, which is fourth fret. besides that, get a tuner
If you have a piano, u can tune it using that. Otherwise, spend around $6 or less for a tuner and a cable if u dont already have one.
i have a tuner it just isnt with me now. but i need the low e string tuned to practice songs. but can u elaborate some on this fifth fret thing?
Try the online guitar tuner... or this one.

If all your strings are in tune except the low E string then: play the open A string and then play the E string at the 5th fret... tune the E string so that at the 5th fret it sounds the same as the open A string
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