anyone else seen it? watched it today and it knocked my socks off. i rank it as one of the greatest films ever. the way it shows how people get sucked into that mindset, the emotional fragility of the young lad and just the general emotion behind it was brilliant. they actually tried to lower the age rating so it could be shown to its target audience and i think it should too.


i'm actually thinking of taking my england flag off me bedroom wall. it suddenly seems so different to me.
I love that film, it made me want to shave my hair off!
I almost cried when they beat up Milky the ******
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Shane Meadows is the best director around today.

Well, one of the best. Certainly best British director.

Watch some of his other films, especially Dead Man's Shoes.
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Had to be said.
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Best skinhead movie.

Best British movie of the last few years.

Best British director at the moment.

Excellent movie.
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A film that makes you hate your country........was Michael Moore behind it?

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Watch some of his other films, especially Dead Man's Shoes.

That and 'A Room For Romeo Brass'
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room for romeo brass is also one to check out. basicaly, shane meadows is one of the best british directors at the mo, so combine him with paddy considine, one of the best british actors at mo. u get classics such as dead mans shoes and room for romeo brass
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Yeah, i got it a few days after it came out I rarely buy pirate DVD's but this one looked so good, and it was a great copy. Great film, they did so much with the low budget they had.
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day