A little while back I had to take off my jack plate from my Les Paul Standard, since it shattered (this has happened a few times, every eight months-ish) and there was an issue with the jack itself. Well that got fixed, but now there's a bigger problem.

I had the jack hanging out by the wires for a few days since the music store I go to didn't have any jack plates, and the bloody jack gets ripped off.
As of right now I'm left with my jack;
(similar to this)

And my guitar with a cable that was attached to the jack beforehand.

The cable is blue with a smaller white one coming out of it and another unwrapped cable beside that. These were soldered to the jack, but I'm not sure if there's a specific way to solder it back.

Help me? haha.
Thank you,
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no it doesn't matter to my knowlege, the jack needs a grounded signal and the output signal from the pickups....it shouldn't matter which you solder where